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    Panel Lift Motors and all Garage Door Motors

    DOORWORKS DC800N / DC1200N

    Garage Door Motors (Available in 2 Models)
    Key Features:
    • Soft Start, Soft Stop operation
    • Quiet & Smooth with safety reversing
    • Compact yet powerful
    • Easy Installation
    • Tidy ceiling fixing
    • Electronic limits with power fail memory


    The ET-30 one piece roller door opener was designed with ease of use and reliability in mind, starting with its engineering and safety features down to its sleek profiled design. Security is taken care of by a rolling code technology remote handset that changes with every press of the button. This makes the ET30 roller door opener the right choice when choosing your new roller door openers.

    Key Features:
    • Powerful and quiet DC motor, quick installation
    • Push button internal operation
    • When closed the Garage Door opener automatically locks
    • Automatic reversing system
    • Auto close option can be enabled
    • Electronic limit switch
    • Manual release in case of power failure
    • Courtesy LED light automatically lights on
    • Soft start, soft stop
    • Photocell is available
    • Accepts any stand alone receiver
    • Metal structure, more stronger than plastic

    Renowned Panel Lift Garage Doors Experts in Sydney

    The fact that Top Garage Doors is Sydney’s most well-known panel lift garage doors specialist comes as no surprise given our commitment to being always local, as seen by our network of services around the region.

    To provide our customers with the best possible levels of service and support, all of our team members get rigorous training on all aspects of our products, including installation and maintenance methods, before becoming certified experts. On top of that, we give ongoing assistance with product expertise, industry standards, and customer service.

    You can rely on Top Garage Doors to give detailed advice on the most appropriate panel lift garage doors solutions for your specific requirements. You can also be certain that any of your panel lift garage door repairs and maintenance concerns will be handled swiftly and effectively by a trained professional.

    No matter what kind of garage door you want, our team will provide recommendations for the finest door and opener combination to match your needs. Custom-made to your precise requirements, all of our doors are available. As a result, our team will be on-site to measure and then install your new garage door, ensuring that nothing goes wrong.

    What Is Our Main Purpose to Provide?

    Based on our years of service, we continue to be the most well-known panel lift garage doors specialist in the region. As seen by our dedication to continuous design and functionality advancements, as well as our product support and nationwide reach, we are the ones you can rely on to deliver results.

    Doors that are Tough & Reliable

    The garage door is a vital component of the access to a house as well as its look from the street for the majority of people. As a result, we not only create doors that pass the most stringent performance, long-life, and durability testing, but we also deliver doors that have the greatest levels of aesthetic appeal available.

    Our panel lift garage doors are available in either the elegance of moulded steel or the warmth of solid steel, and they are created to order and fitted to the precise specifications of your specific opening. When it comes to protecting your environment, we also have a really strong and tough garage door system available for you to choose from.

    A Seamless Delivery Network

    Top Garage Doors places a strong emphasis on continuous development, as well as on safety and quality. The manufacturing procedures are governed by stringent criteria, and we manage our transportation network, which includes a specialised fleet of vehicles and trucks devoted to certain contracts. All of this ensures a well-managed and dependable delivery schedule that spans the length and width of the nation.

    Products Backed by a Warranty

    The garage doors are often the primary point of entry into your house, and Top Garage Doors is committed to using cutting-edge technology to provide you with better convenience. Each of our panel lift garage doors is supported by the highest standards of customer service and support, along with a 10-year warranty.

    An Expert Crew

    The team at Top Garage Doors get thorough training in all areas of our products, including panel lift garage door repairs, installation and maintenance methods, before becoming certified experts. On top of that, we give ongoing assistance with product expertise, industry standards, and customer service.

    You can rely on our team to give detailed advice on the best solution for your specific requirements, as well as the guarantee that any service and maintenance concerns will be handled swiftly and effectively.

    It’s Time for an Important Investment!

    A garage door is the best investment you can make in terms of safeguarding your valuables and family. Hardwearing, sturdy, and rugged, with an added layer of peace of mind built-in. Everything is taken care of by us, all you have to do is call. An experienced professional will guide you through the process of choosing the appropriate panel lift garage doors installation and after-sales support. We have our services all across Sydney, so we can take you through the whole process.

    Our commitment to providing excellent customer service begins the minute a consumer contacts us. It proceeds from the design and specification stage through the installation, and delivery among others. It does not come to an end after the door system has been installed, tested, and handed over to the client. We provide a supplies and maintenance agreement to guarantee that every door we install has a long and excellent service life span.

    All our service and repairs for panel lift garage doors may be obtained by calling our service department on 0473 502 652.

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    For a Quality Garage Door, get in touch with us today!

    Contact Us Today

    For a Quality Garage Door, get in touch with us today!

    Thx so much for your great work. Anthony’s quick communication and updates were a huge part in us booking him for this job. We would definately recommend Top Garage Doors to anyone looking

    Kozi and Pinky

    Amazing work and customer service from the boys at top garage doors 🙂

    Maz Louise

    Excellent service – very reasonably priced, extremely prompt and efficient service. I thoroughly recommend using Top Garage Doors”.

    Feleena Emerton

    Excellent new roller doors, great prices and very quick service !! Very happy!! Highly recommended!!! Thank you!!